Anellino and Gerini in concert at Il Ciocco. Free admission

Anellino and Gerini in concert at Il Ciocco. Free admission

Videomusic was a legendary Italian music channel and one of the first music channels in Europe. It was founded by Marialina Marcucci and Pier Luigi Stefani in early 1984.  Today we celebrate Videomusic’s 30th Anniversary by hosting the Festival ‘Unplugged d’Autore”.  The Festival will be held on the stage of the Auditorium of the Renaissance Tuscany, located at the Il Ciocco Estate and Park.  The Festival will host big names from both the national music scene as well as emerging artists.


Inaugurating the series of concerts on Saturday, November 29th at 9:00 pm will be a first-time duo, renowned guitarist Giandomenico Anellino and, entertainer for the evening, Italian actress Claudia Gerini.


The duo will take the audience on a musical journey presenting both international smash hits as well as renowned Italian singer/songwriter successes.  Prior to the concert, we will be hosting a Videomusic Tribute in the company of some of the most well-known protagonists of the historic station. This Tribute, which will begin at 6:30pm, will symbolize  a sort of baton passing covering the years since inception to present day (1984-2014).


The Artistic Director of the first “Unplugged d’Autore” Edition is Maestro Annellino himself.  In this first edition, we will see the successful Videomusic formula replicated in an updated version presenting itself as an experimental musical laboratory of sorts.


Admission will be free and subject to availability.  Come celebrate the Festival’s First Edition!


For reservations please call 342-5065342