Discover our Living Mountain with Daniele

Discover our Living Mountain with Daniele

Daniele Bonini, qualified hiking guide since 2015 (Wild Trails) and with a passion for the mountain since childhood, will accompany you every Saturday to discover the flavors of Il Ciocco’s Living Mountain (book your excursion!).


Daniele, tell us how you decided to become a guide…

The idea to become a hiking guide was born when I was a student, when I worked in refuges on the Apuan Alps.

Here, in Orto di Donna and in Val Serenaia, I was able to see the passion for the outdoors and peace of mind that accompany hikers.

At the time, I was studying for my degree in Sociology with a thesis on “Environmental and Territorial Sociology”, and I began to approach “my” mountains under a different perspective.

The "spirit" that molded the rocks and valleys and the endogenous peculiarities cached inside them.

My life project aims to embody these two “philosophies…”. A life project that only one profession can express to the fullest: the guide.


Tell us something about the naturalistic/gastronomic excursion “An inebriation of the senses: fruit season” originating from Il Ciocco’s Locanda alla Posta every Saturday until 20 September.

It is an excursion on foot suitable for everyone, a chance to become familiar with a large variety of edible local plants and discover their uses in culinary tradition.

Summer is surely the most abundant season in spontaneously growing succulent fruits and products of the earth. Preserves made from fruits of the underbrush pared with the Pecorino cheese varieties typical of the Garfagnana area and with ricotta cheese from sheep’s milk yield an unmatched explosion of flavor

But the true protagonists of summer are the aromatic herbs, whose essential oils are stimulated to the fullest by sunlight.

From sage to savory, from thyme to wild fennel, from mint to rosemary, from oregano to myrtle: herbs that reawaken our sense of smell and enrich the dishes that the participants will be able  to enjoy at the Locanda upon their return.


Il Ciocco’s Living Mountain as a microcosm of the surrounding environment then?

Il Ciocco’s mountain certainly encloses a large part of the cultural and natural distinctive traits of the entire Valley of the Serchio River in a defined space.

Of course, given its extension, the area could be totally circumscribed without eliminating some of its characteristic traits.

Il Ciocco and its surroundings are ambiences to experience and to get acquainted with in order to be able to say that you actually visited the Serchio Valley and the Garfagnana, the mountain gem of Northern Tuscany.