Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day

From March 7th to the 31st, on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, the Equal Opportunity Commission of Barga is organizing gatherings centered around school children and for all who are interested in participating.


Here are the main events:


Wednesday March 8

On stage at the Teatro dei Differenti of Barga, “Calendar Girls” directed by Cristina Pezzoli.

An all-female cast, on this symbolic day dedicated to women around the world, headed up by two star performers:  Angela Finocchiaro and Laura Curino.

A bittersweet news story that became an international film and theatre success.


Thursday March 9

The Puccini Film Theatre in Fornaci di Barga will be propose “La Vita Possibile” (2016) with Margherita Buy and Valeria Golino.

Free Admission.


Friday March 31

“Rosalyn” on stage at the Teatro Differenti of Barga with Marina Massironi and Alessandra Faiella.  Directed by Serena Senigallia, “Rosalyn” is a compelling story with a dramatic turn of events. 


For information and tickets:  0583 724791; cultura@comunedibarga.it



At the Teatro Alfieri of Castelnuovo Garfagnana, on March 8th, Progetto Donna in collaboration with Mercanti d’Arte will stage “Le Donne dell’Orlando Furioso”, a premiere theatrical representation based on the immortal poem by Maria Riani.

Ticket price €10

Purchase your ticket in advance at Proloco for €12