April 25 in Garfagnana and Serchio Valley

April 25 in Garfagnana and Serchio Valley

Below are two important appointments to celebrate April 25 in Garfagnana and Serchio Valley.


Mount Rovaio and the partisans of Gruppo Valanga Excursion “La Montagna degli Eroi” (Heroes’ Mountain)

A walk back in time to August 1944 along the refuge trails and venues of many battles fought by partisans. Here on Monte Rovaio the sacrifice was huge; we walk in order never to forget. Length: 6 km Difference in altitude: 350 m Duration: about 4h

For the program/cost/equipment: info@guidewildtrails.com; Stefano +39 320 2672533 Reservation is mandatory


Passeggiata della Libertà (Walk of Freedom)

Sommocolonia awaits you for the Passeggiata della Libertà that from Barga through the old mule track will lead participants to the small village in the shadow of the Apennines (in the photo), the location protagonist of the tragic battle of December 26, 1944 where about a hundred people, between Allied soldiers, partisans, German soldiers and civilians, lost their lives.

Civil celebration ceremonies and refreshments.

For the program