Photographic Safaris

Photographic Safaris


A photographic safari is a tour organised to give expert photographers or simple enthusiasts the chance to immortalise the wonders of the
countryside and the animals that inhabit a land that still maintains intact a large part of its natural heritage.   Il Ciocco estate organises these photographic safaris with the 4x4s of the Mitsubishi Driving School, on Mountain Bikes, on foot or on horseback taking you on a tour of its muontain and the Serchio ValleyThe Apuan Alps to the west and the Apennines to the east embrace a landscape of incomparable beauty.


The photographic safari tours can be requested, by appointment, all year round and you may choose the duration of the tour.


The safaris take place on the trails of Il Ciocco Estate and in the Serchio Valley.


In order to film or photograph in the Ciocco Estate and Park, you must first request approval from Il Ciocco Estate and Park Operations. Request the authorization form at