Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate

Engines roaring, adrenaline rushing, spectacular and incredible flights are the ingredients of Hell’s Gate Metzler, one of the most fascinating extreme enduro races at the international level.


From 2003, the Fabio Fasola event has been held at Il Ciocco the second weekend of February and, year after year, proves to be an event you

cannot miss!


It all begins on Saturday morning with the elimination heats: only the first

30 qualifying riders will go on to the finals. The road to Hell is a tough one; traversing the toughest terrains and waterfalls up to the craziest, unassailable finish line in the world, Hell's Peak! Here, as is customary and in the tradition of HsG, the spectators actively participate assisting the riders that have made it this far by pulling them across the finish line using ropes and all of their strength.


For the pleasure of all enthusiasts, the fun continues the following day with HsG Lite, The Ride to Hell!